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Kiera Cass Taking Different, More Mature, Direction for 2013′s ‘The Selection’

March 16th, 2013 | Posted by admin in Articles | The Selection

Kiera Cass the author of the young adults novels the CW’s “The Selection” pilot is based on has confirmed the CW is taking a completely different direction with “The Selection 2.0″, targeting a mature audience this time around, the cast is significantly older than their characters in the books… and the characters are very different, harder and darker than their book versions.

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  • Rubi Herrera

    I can’t believe this?! I’ve been waiting so long and now they’re telling me that they’re going to completely change the story?! this sucks :’(
    oh wells i guess, that’s how the entertainment industry works i guess :(

  • Mark

    Keeping an open mind but the news is consistently demoralizing for this fan of the book. Maybe this would have been better served as a mini series on one of the cable networks.

  • hanana123

    i am keeping an open mind. the cw changed the vampire m the and i think it works great! i almost lime the tv show more than the books. i am happy that they are actually ting an older audiance, i think that will help it keep going…

  • Loops

    I think this is a smart move. With shows like Gossip Girl that used to run on the CW, it needs to target that same audience, 16+ I’m assuming. I would be more inclined to watch this, considering that having these books as a TV show, you need more substance that boo-hoo, Aspen or Maxon? Good direction!