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‘The Selection’ Being Considered for Limited Series

May 8th, 2013 | Posted by admin in Articles | News | The Selection

This is just another way of saying mid-season.  The Selection is potentially being considered for a limited run on The CW.  This does not axe out the potential full season, but The CW has few spaces to fill with one already being filled with The Originals.

Source: Deadline

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    I think there is a bigger fan base to The Selection than maybe Vampire Diaries then CW might realize. I hope The selection wins out over The Originals.

    • Hailey Wood

      I totally agree. I’m so sick of Vampire and Werewolfs and all that shit. I think the rest of the world is too. And It didn’t win out over The Originals because I’ve seen it all through the magazines and on T.V the hype is ridiculous

    • Amira

      I disagree. There is a much bigger fanbase for the vampire diaries than The Selection. And the Originals has won out. Although I’m disappointed that The Selection didn’t air I’m content with The Originals.

  • Sarah

    I have been SO looking forward to seeing the Selection!!!! Come on CW don’t disappoint…please.


    i just friggin’ found out today that cw might make a show.i dreamed about a selection series.please forget vampire diaries and originals.


    can someone tell the possible release date.

  • Martina

    How could people expect that this will get a full season if the last (and imo most important) book isn’t even out before May 2014? When should the series start anyway?

  • Phoebe Anderson

    I am all for a selection movie but a tv show would butcher it, drag it out, and be too much like the bachelor. The story has been set up in a way that it would be a better movie and looking at the cast i hope it doesn’t go through because the cast looks in no way like the characters! stop trying, get new casting directors, and try again in a couple years! This is the kind of story that needs to be done properly and tastefully, none of which have been done yet.

    P.S. this may sound cheesy but they should look online at some of the casting choices made by fans because some have great ideas for the characters that look the part and would be able to act the part as well.
    I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

    • Juwie Dufort

      I agree with you Phoebe Anderson. they should look on YouTube it’s way better.

    • Mika

      I agree,making it into a TV show will ruin it,take to long and just be ugh. :(